YPA Offers Legal Protection For Landlords & Tenants

Good things take time! With record property prices it is no surprise that more Your Property Australia clients are choosing to rent as they save for their first home.

We take a look at common issues facing both landlords and tenants and what to do if you need legal advice.


  1. RESIDENTIAL TENANCIES LEGISLATION. Our lawyers can help you to understand what is covered by the legislation and the rights and obligations of both tenants and landlords?
  2. STARTING YOUR TENANCY. Have you drafted your residential tenancies lease correctly? Our lawyers are here to guide you through the process.
  3. BOND. How do you determine the bond payable by the tenant? We can help you to organise the Bond for your property.
  4. RENT INCREASES. Do you need to increase the rent as a landlord? Has the Landlord giving you a notice for an increase in rent for your property?
  5. RENT ARREARS. Has your tenant failed to pay their rent? Do you owe money to your landlord?
  6. ACCESS AND PRIVACY. What are your rights as a tenant to access and enjoy privacy in your property?
  7. TENANT WANT TO LEAVE THE PROPERTY. Have you been asked to leave the rental property? Your Property Australia can help you understand your rights as a tenant.
  8. LANDLORD WANTS YOU OUT OF THE PROPERTY. Do you need to remove a tenant from your rental property? Ensure that your legal paperwork is correct by using a Your Property Australia lawyer.

The team at YPA have put together a comprehensive library of the issues that our clients are facing when renting or renting out their property.

From commonly asked questions like ‘what happens if I want to get a dog?’ to practical advice such as whether you need to employ a cleaner when you move out, we give you the tools you need to protect your rights as a landlord or a tenant.

For more information on having pets in your rental property click here or to understand more about where the law is headed in the future click here.

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