Leasing Your Business or Looking For a New Space?

Whether it’s a factory, a shop or a warehouse, when it comes to leasing YPA can help. With experience in both retail and non-retail leases we have helped commercial property owners and tenants alike protect their rights.

  1. NEGOTIATION. Our lawyers guide you through negotiations as a tenant or landlord.
  2. DRAFTING. We draft the legal documentation to create the leasing framework for your new or existing property.
  3. EXECUTION. Our lawyers organise execution of the documents.

From commercial leases, retail leases, transferring an existing lease and preparing/reviewing disclosure statements we have you covered.

Your Property Australia understands the legal complexities that can arise when leasing a new or existing property.

Our lawyers are experienced negotiators, balancing your commercial and legal interests and striving for a productive business relationship between the landlord and tenant.

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