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Sold! It’s time to purchase your dream home. We handle everything taking the stress out of all the paperwork.

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Take the first step to selling your property. From building your contract to settling the property, we’ve got you covered.

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Contract Review

Confused by a new contract? We help you to understand what you’re signing! Avoid potential legal problems before they arise.

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First Home

Taking your first steps into the property market? We will make sure you are protected and know exactly what you need to do!

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Off the Plan

When your new property hasn’t been built yet, we help guide you through the Off the Plan sales process and what to look out for.

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Whether you’re moving into a room in a share house or preparing to rent out your property, we cover the most common legal questions.

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Ready to invest in your first commercial property? Looking to buy or sell your business? Our lawyers are experienced in structuring effective and commercially minded legal transactions.

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Preparing to lease your commercial property? Whether it’s retail or non retail leasing we will ensure you and your property are protected.

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it Simple.

The Your Property Australia Difference

Between saving for a deposit, comparing mortgage rates and scheduling inspections, it's easy to forget that this is one of the most exciting financial transactions in your life!

That's the Your Property Australia difference; we give you the tools to become an informed purchaser or seller and then guide you through the legal process without breaking the bank!

YPA - The Open Door to Property Law!

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