Protect Yourself, Your Property and Your Money.

If you’re moving into your first home, exploring a change or investing in a commercial or residential property, the team at Your Property Australia are here to help!

Let’s take a look at the steps involved in purchasing your property.

  1. CONTRACT REVIEW. Before you hit that Saturday morning auction or prepare to put in an offer, we review your Contract and Vendor Statement to make sure you’re fully informed about your potential purchase.
  2. LETTER OF ADVICE. No more letters of advice that are difficult to read! We cut out the legal jargon and provide you with a letter of advice you can actually understand outlining your purchase.
  3. TRANSFER DOCUMENTS. We prepare all of the transfer documents for the purchase of your property.
  4. COMMUNICATION. From the beginning, we communicate with the real estate agent, vendor’s legal representative and lender and your lender to ensure that all parties are progressing towards a smooth settlement.
  5. PEXA. Using Australia’s new digital platform Property Exchange Australia, we co-ordinate with your lender to ensure that your funds are available to purchase your new property.
  6. ORDER SEARCHES. We order updated certificates including council and water rates, land tax and owners corporation (if applicable) to get a full snapshot of the property outgoings.
  7. ADJUSTMENTS. We ‘adjust’ on the property outgoings (council, water, owners corporation to ensure that you only pay from the date of settlement and are reimbursed for any amounts that are outstanding on the property.
  8. STAMP DUTY PAYMENT. We work with you to understand if any stamp duty concessions, exemptions or reductions are available for your purchase. We then organise to pay your stamp duty and registration obligations at settlement.
  9. SETTLEMENT The team at Your Property Australia coordinate with the vendor’s real estate agent and lawyers, your mortgage professional and the real estate agents involved in the transaction to ensure a smooth settlement.

Now you understand how Your Property Australia can help in the buying process, have a read through some of our blog posts below.

They will help you to become an informed and confident purchaser when it comes time to sign on the dotted line!

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